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Oncology Massage Certification



Oncology Massage Education Associates is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #153811-00

Florida Board of Massage Therapy Approved Provider #50-14497


Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT

Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT, is the author of Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer, 3rd Ed. (2014, Findhorn Press) and Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client (2005, Lippincott Williams and Wilkin). My original expertise comes from massage with oncology patients at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. Since 1994 I have taught and supervised massage therapists on the oncology medical/surgical in-patient units, in the chemo infusion clinics, radiation oncology, apheresis and the bone marrow transplant unit. It has been my incredible good fortune to share and exchange knowledge with therapists around the United States, Scotland, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and Holland. I am a founding member of the Society for Oncology Massage and the Iris Cancer Partnership in Scotland, as well as being the creator of the Oncology Massage Healing Summit and Oncology Massage Education Associates. The creation of and involvement with communities is one of the things that makes my heart sing. The other deep desire is the support of therapists and teachers in finding their work in the world.  

Contact Gayle at medhands825@gmail.com


Jamie Elswick, BSc, LMT, NCBTMB, has been a massage therapist since 1992 and a massage educator since 1994. Her work has included scar tissue and lymphatic work for post-treatment cancer patients as well as comfort-based massage for those currently in treatment. She teaches courses in oncology massage, anatomy and physiology, and advanced structural bodywork at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Jamie has been the coordinator and trainer for the Providence Alaska Medical Center oncology massage volunteer program since 2003. She is a graduate of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training, a 400-hour certification course.

Contact Jamie at Jamie.Elswick907@gmail.com.

Her website: www.northernraventherapeutics.com.

Jamie Elswick, BSc, LMT, NCBTMB


Meg Robsahm, MEd, LMP, NCBTMB

Meg Robsahm, MEd, LMP, NCBTMB, has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2001 with a focus in chronic pain, stress relief and comfort care. Dedicated to integrating complementary approaches with traditional treatments, her intent is to provide restorative, healing massage at any stage of the journey. Her practice, Compassionate Therapies, LLC is located in Everett, WA within the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership. As an educator for 30 years, she welcomes any opportunity to speak about oncology massage and/or palliative care issues. She also teaches Bodywork in End of Life Care; Being Present without an Agenda. She is the Immediate Past President of The Society for Oncology Massage, www.S4OM.org, an organization grounded in a philosophy of compassion and service. Meg is a 2007 Graduate of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training.

Contact Meg at meg.robsahm@gmail.com.

Her website: www.compassionatetherapiess.com.


Jean Van Etten, BA, MBA, LMT, was the staff massage therapist for the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY for ten years, retiring from that position in 2013 while maintaining a private practice devoted to oncology clients. She developed the program at the Center which included comfort-oriented massage, massage for caregivers, and hand, foot and shoulder massage for patients in the chemo infusion room. She is a regular guest speaker at cancer support groups, organizations and massage education programs. Jean is a graduate of the 400-hour Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, she worked in marketing, corporate relations and charitable giving.

Contact Jean at jvanett1@rochester.rr.com

Jean Van Etten, BA, MBA, LMT


Mary Peifer, RN, LMT

Mary Peifer, RN, LMT, has been offering therapeutic massage and bodywork in Peoria, Illinois since 2005. As a Registered Nurse since 1995, Mary’s background in community health, along with oncology nursing experience, allows her to embrace the best of both worlds by offering education, nurturance, support and healing to those she serves. Besides a busy home-based practice, she is also the lead oncology massage oncology massage therapist for the STAR (Survivorship, Training and Rehabilitation) team at the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Peoria. Mary also serves as oncology massage program supervisor for the Hult Center for Healthy Living, a non-profit organization serving all persons affected by cancer and its treatments.  She graduated from the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training in November 2010.

Contact Mary at bodykneadsllc@gmail.com
Her website: www.thebodykneadsmassage.com


Annette Lovett, RSCN (Ireland & U.K), LMT, CMLDT, received her Pediatric Nursing degree in Ireland in 1987. She worked in Dublin briefly then moved to London where her work was focused in Pediatric Intensive Care.  Annette gained her massage license in 2011 and maintains a small private practice in Portland, with a focus on Oncology Massage and chronic illness.  A graduate of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training, she works part time at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland Oregon, providing massage to In - Patients on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and the Med/Surgical Oncology floor. Annette teaches Massage in the Chemo Infusion Clinic  and is co - teacher, with Gayle MacDonald, of Massage in the Oncology Setting, both at OHSU. For the last five years, she has assisted Gayle in the U.S and Ireland with Massage for People Living with Cancer.

Contact Annette at annettelovett.lmt@gmail.com

Annette Lovett, RSCN (Ireland & U.K.), LMT, CMLDT


Cheryl Smith, LMT

Cheryl Smith, LMT, has been practicing therapeutic massage in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2007.   Her own experience with cancer led her to dedicate her career to working with individuals with cancer.  Her private practice offers comfort-oriented massage, Manual Lymph Drainage and Eastern Massage work.  Cheryl started the oncology massage program at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center in 2010. It includes hand and foot massage for patients during their chemotherapy infusions and for oncology inpatients.  She was co-investigator and LMT for three IRB research studies on massage therapy and oncology patients in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  She has also co-authored a research manuscript that will be published in 2015.  She graduated from the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training in November 2013 with a certification in oncology massage.  Prior to becoming a massage therapist Cheryl worked as a broadcast producer in advertising and direct marketing.

Contact Cheryl at cherylsmith.massage@gmail.com


Angela Secretan, DSM, DIR, DIA, since 1998, Angela has been the Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator at the Western General Hospital and the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, Scotland. She played a central role in setting up the service, which is provided mainly for people living with cancer. Therapists work on the oncology, heamatology, neurology, ICU,  chemotherapy infusion,  clinical trials, teenager - young adult wards and working in all wards within the palliative care service. Since 2003, Angela was involved in setting up Lavender Touch, a Scottish Borders Charity that provides complementary therapy for people living with cancer throughout the rural Borders area. In 2015, Angela and a colleague launched a range of aromatherapy products specifically developed for cancer patients.

Contact Angela at angela@comptherapy.co.uk

Angela Secretan, DSM, DIR, DIA

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